Corporate Client Program

People can change and the power of success is in team. When these two core values are embedded within an organization world class results can be expected.

Switchback is a structured approach delivered within an organization ensuring aligned positive changes and a smooth and successful execution with lasting benefits.  It includes Group Training, One on one Switchback Executive Coaching and Consulting.  Switchback Foundation and Switchback Leadership group seminars are executed on site through 2 full days or 3 half day programs. We also have support and sustain products, programs and materials.

The need for mental toughness and a commitment to team directly affects all departments from the entry level employee to senior management. Switchback Corporate Client Program is an opportunity for organizations to integrate a proven system for success into the DNA of their culture.

Benefits to Stakeholders:

Stakeholders can be assured that their operational aims are being vertically integrated because Switchback integrates these aims into the delivery process.

Switchback draws people into team. The power of success is in team.

Stakeholders can measure the success of Switchback through their current metrics.

Stakeholders can minimize the risk, control the cost, maximize the return on investment and effectively track the progress.

Through evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us for the training/coaching and express a desire for their families to be able to participate in a Switchback training.

“evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us...”

Benefits to Management:

Can strategically and tactically manage the implementation of Switchback.

Human factor production delays will be reduced.

The shared common language of Switchback will exponentially increase productive communication.

Safety, quality, environment and production systems will be better supported through an engaged workforce.

Switchback offers tools to assess/analyze departmental and individual performance.

Decrease in unsupported employee grievances.

An engaged workforce who self regulate and self manage the majority of their conflict.

An engaged supervision who also self regulate and self manage the majority of their conflict.

Switchback Executive Coaching for team members in need of personal/professional assistance.

Motivational strategies for coaching and implementing change.

Switchback Executive Coaching to assist in the ongoing execution of strategic and tactical change (needs assessments, strategic planning, corporate culture evaluations, facilitated corporate retreats).

Benefits to Individuals:

Increased mental toughness and focus.

Increased self and situational awareness.

Awareness and practical tools to employ neuroplasticity (positive growth).

Awareness and practical tools to employ metacognition (thinking before reacting).

Strategic and tactical plan for stress management.

Group training which leads to increased positive team momentum.

All Switchback teaching and training can be also incorporated into home and community environments making Switchback transferable and deeply integrated.

Individual one on one Switchback Executive Coaching.

Who and How:

Starting with senior leaders a needs assessment can be formally or informally established.  

Roll out of strategic pilots with a cross section of the organizations’ members.

Planning and execution of Switchback’s two premiere group trainings from the entry level employees to senior management.

Ongoing education, training, skills upgrading, consulting and coaching. Switchback’s group trainings are uniquely designed to be taken multiple times with meaningful new insights per training.

Monitoring, measuring and fine tuning as required.

Switchback can improve your business success. Our proven system with our belief that people can change and that the power of success is in team has aligned us with amazing businesses and leaders.

People can Change

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