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We believe people can change and that true, sustainable success is found in the power of team.  Switchback Foundation leads participants through the fascinating process of understanding how our stored memories form our core values and how our core values direct our thoughts which ultimately produce the actions by which we are judged.

“...teams that come together rather than fall apart when under pressure.”

Gaining a new level of understanding and control over this process is transformational.  It builds mental toughness, capacity, resilience, responders rather than reactors and teams that come together rather than fall apart when under pressure.  The training is filled with teaching, training,  break out groups and participant participation.  It is uniquely designed so it can be taken once or experienced several times until the historical challenges are overcome, current problems are resolved and measurable success is firmly established.  


Whether at home, work or in the community Switchback Leadership insight, skills and tools will:

Increase mental toughness and focus.

Increase self and situational awareness.

Build awareness and practical tools to employ neuroplasticity (positive growth).

Expand awareness and practical tools to employ metacognition (thinking before reacting).

Develop strategic and tactical planning for stress management.

Enhance group training which leads to increased positive team momentum and encouragement.

All Switchback teaching and training can be incorporated into home and community environments making Switchback transferable and deeply integrated.

Be able to make wiser decisions based on an understanding of the past, a wider perspective of the present and a clearer view of the future.  These skills can form the foundation for sustainable long term success.

Through evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us for the training/coaching and express a desire for their families to be able to participate in a Switchback training.

“evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us...”


By the end of this course participants will:


Be able to articulate the importance of self and situational awareness and mental engagement.


Be able to plot their work and home challenges on the Switchback four quadrant diagram, the Switchback brain diagram and the three lane highway diagram.  


Be able to articulate a positive plan of action in the above areas.


To be able to perform reflective root cause analyses on their successes and challenges.

Team Building

Be able to increase team building whether at home, work or community.

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One on One

Be able to integrate new one on one small group and public participation tools.

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