Leadership Training


We believe people can change, the power of success is in team and teams are built by great leaders. We also know that leaders need to continue to change, grow and transform in order to remain world class.

Switchback Leadership’s ambitious step by step agenda takes participants from the current challenges through the Switchback grids with the goal of finding sustainable solutions.  The training is filled with teaching, training, break out groups and participant participation.

“...our core values direct our thoughts which ultimately produce the actions...”

It is the fascinating process of understanding how our stored memories form our core values and how our core values direct our thoughts which ultimately produce the actions by which we are judged.  Leaders today need this foundational understanding in order to navigate the current challenges and plan for the future.


Whether at home, work or in the community Switchback Leadership insight, skills and tools will:

Increase your self and situational awareness.

Build resilience and mental toughness.

Help you understand the complexities of team and how to motivate for change.

Revitalize your leadership core values, mission and strategic plan.

Encourage you to aim high with your leadership goals.

Through evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us for the training/coaching and express a desire for their families to be able to participate in a Switchback seminar.

“evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us...”



Voice your current challenges with other leaders in a facilitated environment.


Build and innovate by defining the qualities of a World Class Leader.


Evaluate your own leadership history, current status and future goals.


Test your leadership perspective through a powerful 360 exercise.


Measure your performance through Switchback’s life changing grids.


Produce personal/professional strategic plans.

Team build

Team build through open communication of both the process and plans.


Sustain the commitments through one on one Switchback Leadership Coaching.

Focus on your role as a leader

This training is an opportunity to focus on your role as a leader, work towards your objectives, develop team strategies, and adjust vision and plan in light of the targets you have set for yourself and your organization.

Switchback can improve your business success. Our proven system with our belief that people can change and that the power of success is in team has aligned us with amazing businesses and leaders.

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